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Where do I pick up my tickets?

Ticket pickup is the day of your ride, just prior to your boarding time, in Memorial Park, Lyndonville, VT. This is where the train will be parked for boarding. The outdoor ticket table is located just outside The Freighthouse at 1000 Broad St, Lyndonville. Tickets are reserved under your last name. After you pick up your tickets, you will wait to board the train outside in the park. The conductors will announce when the train may be boarded, and will help you aboard. Tickets are not available until just prior to your ride time. Please plan to wait outside for your tickets.

Where does the train go?
This is a magical train ride and the train makes its journey to “The North Pole” and back, as we travel north from The Freighthouse and back, round-trip approximately an hour and a half.

Are there restrooms aboard the train?
Because the train does not have running water, there are not any restrooms on the train. Please plan to use the restroom at The Freighthouse either before or after your ride.

How should I dress?
Pajamas are encouraged for passengers of all ages, but not required. Please dress in layers and plan for cold weather, as you will be waiting to board the train outside. The train is heated.

What happens aboard the train?
Once the train is boarded, you will experience a magical journey complete with narration, caroling, hot cocoa and cookies served by servers and a chef. A wandering hobo might appear. A Conductor will punch your ticket. Once the train reaches its destination, elves and Santa will greet you and treat you to a special surprise.

What if I made a reservation and need to switch?
Reservations are final. We cannot switch your ride day or time once you have reserved your tickets. Please do not purchase tickets unless you intend to ride at the date and time you have reserved.

Tickets are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

Is there a discount for children?
Tickets are the same price for all ages. Adults and children receive the same special gift and refreshments. If you would like to hold a child on your lap, they still need a ticket. Only infants UNDER twelve-months are free. An infant must be less than one year old as of the date of the train ride. Infants will not receive refreshments or souvenirs.

Can I bring my own snacks?
Keep in mind that there is not a restroom aboard the train. Please do not bring anything more than you need aboard the ride. The ride lasts for an hour and a half, and you will receive hot cocoa and a cookie while aboard the train. If you wish to bring food or beverages, please only do so if absolutely necessary.

Do you have gluten-free cookies available?
We now offer a gluten-free option. If you have a particular food allergy, please let us know upon making your ticket reservation. We may or may not be able to provide an alternative. If you would like to bring your own gluten-free, or allergy-safe cookie, please feel free to do so. If you need a gluten-free option, please ask the "chef" aboard the train.

How do I get there?
Please see our location information for directions. Ticket pickup is outside the building, at our outdoor ticket table, the day of the ride.

Can I eat at the restaurant before the train ride?
If you would like to eat at The Freighthouse before your train ride, please allow at least an hour prior to your boarding time. Cafe reservations are not accepted. 

Can I buy tickets at the event? Is there a discount for buying tickets early?
If you come without tickets, you will likely not be able to purchase a seat. Tickets sold at the event, if available, are an additional $10 per person.


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